Achieve Full Compliance With HIPAA Risk Assessments

Eliminate Risk With HIPAA Assessments

Protecting the personal information of those served by healthcare organizations is a legal and ethical responsibility.

Partner with Exigent Technologies for a thorough HIPAA risk assessment and be assured your patient data is safe.

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Don’t Wait for a Compliance Audit or Breach to Complete Your Risk Assessment for HIPAA

Cybersecurity Risks Make HIPAA Risk Management Essential


Increase in ransomware attacks in 2022

$9.4 Million

The average cost of a data breach in 2022 in the United States


Cyber incidents occur each day

Meet the High Standard of HIPAA Compliance With Risk Management Assessments

HIPAA Risk Assessments

HIPAA Breach Analysis is Essential for Compliance

If your organization is responsible for adhering to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), then our consultative cybersecurity and compliance expertise is a perfect fit.

Let us support you with not only HIPAA risk assessments but also:

  • Compliance policy creation
  • Incident response planning
  • Employee compliance training
  • And more

Effective HIPAA Risk Assessments Require Specialization

Entrust your compliance testing to HIPAA experts who are experienced IT professionals.

Leverage Compliance Experts for HIPAA Breach Risk Assessment

Achieve full compliance with our experienced cybersecurity company. Exigent provides guidance for multiple compliance specialties, including:

  • GLBA
  • CMMC
  • SHIELD Act
  • 23 NYCRR Part 500
  • and other regulatory requirements

When it comes to developing organizational IT policies to meet industry compliance standards, we are ready to help.

HIPAA Assessments
Risk Assessment for HIPAA

Make HIPAA Risk Management Part of a Strong Cybersecurity Posture

HIPAA risk assessments don’t stand alone. Rather, your compliance evaluations and risk management should integrate with a sophisticated cybersecurity program that keeps all your organization and patient data safe.

Let Exigent advise you on:

  • HIPAA testing
  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Web application testing
  • Ethical hacking services
  • Internal and external penetration testing
  • And other security evaluations to keep your environment safeguarded from cyber attacks 

Frequently Asked Questions About Our HIPAA Risk Assessments

A HIPAA risk assessment involves a comprehensive evaluation of your healthcare organization’s IT infrastructure. 

Exigent Technologies provides an all-encompassing assessment, to validate the privacy, integrity, and availability of your healthcare organization’s data. 

Our highly skilled engineers evaluate potential vulnerabilities,  reviewing everything from  PCs and servers to mobile devices and business software, all part of keeping your practice secure and compliant.

When it comes to HIPAA risk assessment services, we stand apart with our holistic,  approach and deep expertise.

With more than 300 years of combined technology and executive experience and a keen  focus on comprehensive cybersecurity and compliance, we take the safety of your patient data personally. 

We strive to align our assessment services wit our longstanding commitment to customer satisfaction and excellence.

HIPAA risk assessments are vital for maintaining compliance and ensuring the security of sensitive patient information. 

Without one, your organization risks data breaches, legal penalties, and loss of patient trust. 

That’s where we come in. Our support provides guaranteed response times, and automated issue tracking and remediation.

At Exigent Technologies, we don’t stop at just the assessment. We offer a complete suite of managed IT services, ensuring you maintain your HIPAA compliance. 

You can choose from our three-tiered Assurance managed IT services and then layer advanced cybersecurity and compliance solutions over that for custom protection.

We like to say that most hackers know your vulnerabilities and the gaps in your cybersecurity posture—don’t you want to know as well? With our HIPAA risk assessment, your healthcare organization can assume a proactive approach that helps identify problems before they happen. 

Plus, we are here to ensure your IT infrastructure not only remains secure but also aligns with your business’s goals and outcomes, providing IT guidance and support well beyond just cybersecurity and compliance.