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Determine your level of cyber risk with dependable pen testing as a service from Exigent.

Gain Enhanced Data Security with our Penetration Testing Services

Exigent Technologies’ pentesting as a service provides the insights to close any gaps in your cybersecurity stance

Why choose Exigent for penetration testing services?

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Our Penetration Testing Services Provide Valuable Insights

Protect Against Growing Risks with Pen Testing as a Service


Increase in ransomware attacks in 2022

$9.44 Million

Average cost of a 2022 data breach in the United States


Cyber incidents occur each day

How Pentest as a Service Protects Against Real-World Threats

Pentest as a Service

Vulnerability Scanning Identifies Hidden Gaps That Leave Your Network Exposed

In a world where cybercriminals are waging an unrelenting war against businesses, assumptions about the state of your cybersecurity can be a massive risk.

Internal and external penetration tests are used to evaluate the effectiveness of an organization’s security controls and answer the question: “How hackable are we?”

With pen tests conducted by security experts, Exigent will identify vulnerabilities, rectify security gaps and fully safeguard your assets, data, and intellectual property.

Our testing tools may include:

  • Planting malware
  • Manipulating data
  • Simulated phishing attacks
  • Efforts to uncover open ports

Expert Team Assesses Pen Test Results and Guides Cybersecurity Improvements

After deploying sophisticated penetration testing services, Exigent’s team of seasoned cybersecurity engineers will work collaboratively with your organization to map out the right strategy.

This not only improves cybersecurity, but maintains a security stance that evolves and matures as threats continue to innovate.

Our pen testing as a service evaluates and advises on:

  • Email security
  • Additional testing
  • Endpoint security
  • Web content filtering
  • Dark web monitoring
  • Resilient cloud solutions
  • And more

Additionally, Exigent’s experts can provide guidance on security policies that help reinforce your cybersecurity posture, further protecting your business and employees.

Pen Testing as a Service

Leverage Penetration Testing Services for Vulnerability Management

Our security testing provides effective, real-time visibility into your cybersecurity limitations.
penetration testing as a service

Pen Testing Services Ensure Effective Cybersecurity on Mobile Applications

Today’s highly mobile workforce, which often mixes office and work-from-home experiences, can open the door to cybercriminals taking advantage of weak spots in a business’ cybersecurity perimeter.

Pentesting as a service not only reveals those vulnerabilities, but they can also offer insights into unguarded pathways deep in your IT environment.

Our manual testing evaluates your organization’s:

  • Mobile devices
  • Mobile applications
  • Access points such as guest Wi-Fi networks

Then, as your company works through remediation and strategic cybersecurity planning, our team can train your employees to improve your greatest defense against cybercrime: your team.

Confidently Meet Compliance Requirements with Pen Testing as a Service

Many compliance regulations require a penetration test. Whether you are considering penetration testing to rest easier at night or your organization is striving to meet regulatory mandates, Exigent can help.

Penetration testing as a service ensures you qualify for: 

  • PCI
  • 23 NYCRR 500 (DFS)
  • And more
pen testing as a service

Frequently Asked Questions About our Penetration Testing Services

Your business needs penetration testing to identify vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure. 

It helps prevent cyber threats, secure your sensitive data, and comply with regulatory standards, which helps to improve your business’s overall security posture.

Once you know about your security gaps, you can take the appropriate steps to prevent hackers from exploiting vulnerabilities in your systems.

There are many benefits of using penetration testing, including:

  • Validating existing security measures
  • Detecting and fixing security vulnerabilities
  • Protecting client trust by ensuring data integrity
  • Compliance with industry-specific security regulations

After completion, you can use the test results as a guide for improving your security framework and mitigating cyber risk.

Pen testing involves simulating cyberattacks on your IT infrastructure to identify vulnerabilities. 

Our security experts use different methodologies to expose weaknesses in your systems, networks, or applications. 

They use this information to provide a detailed report and recommendations to improve your security, often assisting with remediation as well.

The costs for penetration testing ] varies based on several factors, including:

  • The size of your business
  • The types of testing required
  • The complexity of your systems
  • Post-testing remediation processes

Learn more about our penetration testing services and pricing by scheduling a free consultation with us today.