Written by: Daniel Haurey on 05/01/09

We hear it all the time. “Under promise, over-deliver”. But it deserves to be said again and again and lends itself to constant reinforcement, especially here at Exigent. Today, I needed two things from two of my vendors. One was time-sensitive and urgent; the latter was what I would consider a wish or special request.

Due to an upcoming “HOT” project with another NJ IT solutions provider, it was requested that we issue a standard certificate of insurance (COI) right away. Since my administrator was off for the day, I had to take this on myself. Feeling a slight amount of stress, I looked up our insurance broker’s telephone number and gave her a call. As luck would have it, she was out to lunch. So I left her a voicemail. To my delight and relief, not more than ten minutes later, I get a voicemail and an e-mail back from her.

The e-mail states that she could turn this around really fast. All she needed is the name and address of the recipient. I hit reply, give her the requested information, and five minutes later BAM! – certificate appears in my inbox. (Imagine a chorus of Angels singing). In the e-mail, she states that a printed copy will serve as an original. (How convenient!) I then hit forward, send it to the requestor, and I’m D-O-N-E. Mission accomplished, in about 15 or 20 minutes! Bottom line; my vendor exceeded my expectations and in doing so, added more glue to our long term relationship. Pain-RELIEVED. Thank you, Cathy Lewis of The Hurley Insurance Agency!

Next up was a vendor that has truly mastered the art of exceeding expectations, TelephoneOnHold.com. This is the company that produces the top of the line auto-attendant and on-hold services for some of the nation’s top corporations – like Exigent Technologies! Justin Ginsberg and his team never cease to amaze me. Today, I emailed Justin to let him know that I had mentioned his services to a client of mine. He thanked me of course, and then I replied with a seemingly simple request. I can’t get into the specifics of what that request was, but suffice it to say that his reply of “that’s tough one – let me look into it and see what I can do”, to me, meant, I may not get this done, or, this could be done, but might take some time.

Five minutes later, I get an e-mail from Justin, it states, “it’s done – try it out”. Unreal! This was almost as good as the time that I called Justin at about 7AM on a Monday morning. I was my full expectation to get his voicemail and simply leave a message. Nope! Not Justin. He answered the phone live through some feature on his phone system that forwarded my call to his cellular phone. I was truly blown away.

Bottom line – often times, it doesn’t take much time or effort to exceed customer expectations. With a willingness to act quickly to concerns or requests and a keen understanding of your customer’s pain at any given time, any organization can add the cement-like stickiness that we always seek to engender with our customers, and that we hope to have with our vendors.


Customer Service