Written by: Daniel Haurey on 04/16/19

Picture of the inside of a self storage facility

Nine years in the self storage business taught me that there two irrefutable and immutable facts about the way self storage operators do business: first is that every, and I mean EVERY, self storage company has a different method for looking at the exact same data; second, that none of them is wrong. Though there are common interpretations of similar data that would appear on, say, a standard Management Summary report (“occupied” does indeed mean that a unit is in fact occupied, after all), it is quite unlikely that any manager or owner in the self storage business would agree on how a number like RevPar should be interpreted – that particular key performance indicator having many variables that affect the outlook on the number for any individual self storage professional. This element of “rugged individualism” in the self storage industry has led to the need for ever-greater flexibility in custom reporting and applications.

For users of SMD Software’s Site Link Web Edition, the versatility of the “out of the box” (bundled with the program without the need for customization) reports is nothing new.  Web Edition has, from its inception, provided the most versatile and robust reports that are based upon their users’ common requests and reporting needs. The challenge for the SMD development team has always been the ability to keep up with the aforementioned custom reporting needs of each self storage operator that can only be described as “one-off” requests.  Important as any custom data view may be for an individual operator, it would be downright impossible for the SMD team to keep up with and deliver such customized reports while maintaining and adding across-the-board features to their primary Sit Link application. 

Enter the Site Link Web Edition API.  API stands for Application Programming Interface, and it’s a secure interface that allows custom application developers such as ours to create, test and implement entirely custom reports as well as full applications that can consume data from the Site Link Web Edition databases.  The Site Link API is secure, versatile and comprehensive. With it, The Exigent Technologies Application Development team has been able to design, develop and deliver a variety of custom solutions including custom reporting applications, full search engines for geo-location of storage, public-facing websites that allow for customers to find and select local storage and make monthly rent payments, perform custom revenue management and even deliver full line-of-business accounting and management applications that use live Site Link Web Edition data to allow businesses to make real-time business decisions based on up-to-the-minute facility data.

Site Link provides APIs that deliver custom functionality for Reporting, Accounting, and even a full-database-access version should your application requirement define a need to leverage some data that’s not readily and immediately available through the Reporting and Accounting APIs. Quite literally, there’s almost nothing you can’t do with their APIs.

Leveraging the Site Link Web Edition API, the possibilities are endless, and combined with the expertise and experience of the Exigent Technologies Application Development team, the path to the custom reporting, dashboard, revenue management or line of business application that fits your needs is smoothly paved.  

We have extensive experience in self-storage. If you are looking for a Site Link consultant, feel free to contact us for a complimentary consultation.