Written by: Daniel Haurey on 08/15/19

Recently, the Exigent Technologies Software Development team had the opportunity to deliver another SiteLink API integration for a multi-state self-storage provider, Snapbox Self Storage. Snapbox Self Storage is a self-service storage provider that currently owns and operates 26 facilities across eight states.

As part of a major web-presence redesign project, Snapbox wanted to optimize its search-engine performance and presence. One key to that effort was quickly retrieving, processing, and delivering facility information and storage-unit features, price, and availability to the front-end web site almost instantaneously.


Fully cloud-based solution leveraging Microsoft Azure services, including Azure SQL Database, Azure Functions, and Azure Tables. Exigent combined these technologies into a serverless architecture that

Imports facility information, storage-unit inventory, and reservation details from SiteLink via their SOAP API;

Transforms and stores SiteLink data in a persistent, near-real-time database cache optimized for rapid data retrieval;

Retrieves, packages and delivers facility information and storage-unit inventory to the Snapbox public web site in response RESTful web-service calls invoked by real-time user searches;


  • Project delivery in approximately three weeks
  • Successful collaboration with a third-party vendor contracted by Snapbox for marketing, search engine optimization, and public web site design
  • Search results returned to the public web site in less than two seconds
  • Low-cost, low-maintenance, high-performance, high-availability serverless architecture

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