In a past articles I went over deploying Azure ARM VMs using PowerShell, and deploying them in an Availability Set which ensures that the VMs reside in different fault and upgrade domains. In this article, we go a step further to deploy a web site on these VMs and setup an Internet facing load balancer. First […]

Change continues to sweep through the legal arena and astute firms know that cybersecurity and data protection is paramount.  It is imperative to choose an experienced IT services firm that understands the timely and critical nature of legal matters and stays abreast of new developments.  Choose the IT services company for law firms that has […]

The future is already here and it’s time to ensure that all our businesses and personal employee information are fully secured and protected. Though technology has revolutionized virtually every industry across the world, criminals are just as capable of using all this new technology for all kinds of criminal activity. Currently, over half of all […]

We Join Drew Carey and Add To Reward for Capture of Autism Pranksters I was moved and saddened by the heinous act inflicted on a young man with autism in Ohio.  Exigent Technologies would like to add $500 for information leading to the arrest of the person(s) responsible for this atrocious act.  I invite others […]

Great news.  We were just named among the world’s best IT services companies.  Exigent made it on the MSPmentor 501 Global Edition, published by Nine Lives Media. The report is based on a range of measures, such as annual managed services growth, revenue per employee, managed IT services offered and customer equipment under management. Per […]

Perhaps you feel that the time has come.  You’ve been outsourcing your IT operations to a local IT company or Managed IT Services Provider.  But after looking at the annual cost for IT services, suddenly there are feelings of ambivalence.  And it’s at that very moment when many important facts are inadvertently ignored.  You just […]