Written by: Daniel Haurey on 04/18/23

Denver’s music scene is thriving. In 2019, Denver made Move.org’s top 10 list of cities for music lovers. It’s no wonder there are so many music festivals in Denver to enjoy.

This reputation is certainly bolstering Denver’s tourist industry. While that’s great for the local economy, more people inevitably leads to more security risks. As IT experts, we understand cybersecurity and how yours could be at risk at even the best Denver music festivals.

This article will take a look at five of Denver’s music festivals and provide tips on how you can enjoy them without taking any cyber risks.

1. Global Dance Festival

Global Dance Festival is the largest summer music festival in Denver. It’s not only the biggest Denver electronic music festival, it’s one of North America’s biggest EDM events. 

Global Dance attracts thousands of fans from all over the world and features household names from the genre. During its 20 years, it has established itself as a bucket list experience for fans of electronic music.

Well-known festivals are often targeted by hackers intending to steal attendee information through ticketing systems. 

For example, the personal details of 64,000 individuals who attended Tomorrowland in Belgium were stolen through the ticketing system. While Global Dance has not experienced such a breach, it is important to remain vigilant due to its high profile. 

Only use an official source to buy your tickets. Additionally, you should verify the website’s HTTPS encryption. This indicates that any information you enter is encrypted and therefore harder for hackers to intercept. 

See the image above to observe what an HTTPS encrypted website looks like.

When: July 21 & 22

Where: Empower Field at Mile High Stadium

2. Denver Day of Rock

Denver Day of Rock is a one-day live music event presented by Amp the Cause. The event is free to attend but fans may purchase an exclusive VIP pass if desired. The festival takes place in lower downtown Denver across three different stages.

While you’re partying in downtown Denver, it’s far too easy to misplace your phone. Of course, do what you can to keep it secure, but be prepared if it goes missing. Hackers can steal a lot of information from a stolen phone and use it to cyber attack others in your contact list.

Make sure your phone has a strong password, multi-factor authentication, and backed-up data. If you’re bringing a work phone, remember to follow your company’s standards or advice from your managed service provider

When: June 3

Where: LoDo (Lower Downtown) Denver

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3. Westword Music Showcase

The Westword Showcase takes place across several stages in Denver’s thriving art district. The music festival is preceded by a week-long art showcase promoting local and international talent. Alongside the concert experience, attendees can enjoy a light display, mural paintings, and keynote speakers.

While you’re at the festival, you might want to check out some of Denver’s Golden Triangle  museums or galleries. These facilities often have public Wi-Fi access which is an excellent convenience. 

However, beware of anyone who offers you a hotspot if they aren’t official staff. Hackers set up their own Wi-Fi hotspots to intercept your sessions and steal data. Be especially careful about “Evil Twin” attacks. These attacks mimic a legit Wi-Fi hotspot to trick people into connecting. 

Alert a staff member if you notice that a museum has two public Wi-Fi connections of the same name. Speak to a local IT consultant if this is an ongoing concern.

When: June 3

Where: Denver’s Golden Triangle District

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4. High Ground Fest

High Ground is an 18+ music festival that typically features a diverse lineup of performers from various genres, including indie rock, alternative, hip-hop, and EDM. Alongside the music, the event offers a variety of food and beverage options from local food trucks and breweries.

Denver Polo Club is situated outside city limits. There you get to see Colorado’s vast green fields and breathtaking mountains. Understandably, you might want to post a few photos of the scenery to your social media accounts.

Limit the amount of personal information you share on these accounts. Hackers can use your identifying information to impersonate you and infiltrate your company networks. This is also one of many reasons why effective, proactive networking monitoring is important. 

When: Fall 2023 Dates TBD

Where: Denver Polo Club

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5. A Taste of Colorado

Taste of Colorado is primarily a food festival, but it features a lot of live music. Festival goers can sample local cuisine from various restaurateurs and food trucks as they listen to up and coming performers. 

Taste of Colorado is a popular event that draws large crowds, so plan ahead and arrive early to avoid long lines at your favorite vendors. Big crowds are also the ideal spot for cybercriminals using pocket scanners.

Pocket scanners steal information by scanning your phone’s radio frequencies. You can protect yourself with a frequency-blocking phone case and keeping your device in a secure location. If you brought your work phone and think it’s been scanned, IT support specialists in Denver can help.

When: May 14, June 4, July 9, and August 6

Where: Civic Center Park

Denver Music Festivals

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