Written by: Gennifer Biggs on 11/25/23

With today’s extreme dependence on technology, from the internet to apps, an IT outage can bring your business to a screeching halt. 

These outages risk endangering your customer service, slowing the sales process, derailing business operations, and compromising production. 

A technology malfunction can disrupt business for days, costing your organization across the board. Most business owners already know that technology is a double-edged sword; you can’t run a company without it, but it can have a huge impact on your business if disaster strikes.

The day-to-day impact of a technology outage, something as simple as losing access to your organization’s instance of Microsoft 365, can have serious financial consequences. 

Research shows the cost of downtime to small businesses ranges from $137 to $427 per minute; for enterprises, the cost can easily surpass $1 million an hour. Those statistics don’t account for natural disasters, which can destroy even established companies if their disaster recovery strategy has gaps. 

While IT outages will never be eliminated, many businesses have found that by partnering with a reputable managed IT services provider (MSP), the quantity of outages, and the impact of those unfortunate incidents, is significantly decreased.  

Why managed services? It’s simple. By taking a proactive approach to IT networks, supported by highly effective remote monitoring and management, MSPs help businesses like yours significantly reduce the chances of widespread technology outages.

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Before you decide to work with a managed IT services provider, you should understand the benefits of managed IT services when it comes to your organization. 

Let’s discuss several reasons why managed IT services are so useful when it comes to turning technology into a tool versus a distraction in your organization.

Access Remote Network Monitoring and Proactive Maintenance 

Wasted time and lost customers are both good examples of why preventing technology outages is a priority for most business leaders. 

Proactive maintenance, IT health checks, remote monitoring and management, and aggressive patch management are simple steps that managed services providers take to remediate potential issues before they escalate into full-blown problems. 

When considering why managed services are a better option, you can’t overlook the positive impact of greatly reduced downtime and an improved experience for both employees and customers.

With stable, fixed monthly costs, the managed services model brings predictability to your company’s operating budget, as well as delivering significant cost savings when compared to hiring in-house staff or approaching IT support with a partner that still uses the break-fix model. 

Compared to the cost of hiring a full-time person to manage your organization’s network, daily support tickets and troubleshooting large IT issues, an MSP is a budget-friendly alternative. 

Hiring a full-time IT specialist, with salaries ranging from about $33,000 per year for junior technicians up to $126,000 per year for experienced engineers, costs significantly more than the average cost of managed IT services, which is about $40,000 a year.

Getting the Support Services You Need is a Key Benefit of Managed Services

Because not every IT problem can be prevented, one clear benefit of managed services is reliable support services when pesky tech glitches happen. 

Governed by service level agreements that are clearly outlined in your managed services contract, support services can greatly reduce the impact and length of IT outages. 

Because not all IT problems are equal, MSPs use modern ticketing systems and proven evaluation processes to set priorities for helpdesk requests. Outages or issues that impact critical systems or a large group of employees are usually pushed to the top of the list, leading to faster resolution. 

While an in-house tech person may be able to react quickly to a problem, it likely means other issues are put aside. One IT managed services value proposition is access to a broad range of support engineers. 

That means high-level technicians can focus on priority issues, but junior engineers can often keep tabs on the less-important tasks, keeping the entire organization moving forward even if there is a crisis.

The Importance of Managed Services for Business Continuity

You can’t discuss the value proposition of managed IT services without talking about business continuity. 

A leading reason why managed services providers offer so much value is their experience with cloud-based and hybrid backup and disaster recovery solutions, cybersecurity, and other service offerings that address the need for resiliency within any organization.  

With the deep background that comes with working across multiple and diverse network environments, the managed services model empowers IT providers to offer services right-sized for any business.

These services include, but are not limited to, cutting-edge cloud computing solutions for fast-paced enterprises to affordable but still effective services for smaller companies. 

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Regardless of your organization’s size, focus, or industry, you will find that partnering with a trustworthy managed IT services provider will check all the boxes: Expertise, cost-savings, reliability, flexibility, and predictability. 

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