The presence of legacy equipment within a network carries tremendous risk for any organization, but for some industries, it can create widespread liability. As healthcare practices continue to embrace digital transformation, the importance of a modern, resilient, and secure network is growing exponentially. Not only are organizations in the healthcare field governed by some of […]

Beginning in 1912, the hand-drawn diagrams of outlandish inventions established Rube Goldberg as one of the most popular cartoonists of the time, and the term “Rube Goldberg Machine” was coined. Within his comic strips, Goldberg created extremely complex machines that were built to perform a simple task. The modern Mouse Trap board game pays homage to […]

Many aspects of technology are innovative and exciting. Network management is not one of those. But, while less than intriguing, network management is a critical element of a reliable, secure, and optimized IT infrastructure – when management is lax, problems tend to multiply. Network management is needed for organizations to identify devices connected to the […]