When looking for a small business cloud hosting company in the NJ/NYC area, security and compliance questions are sure to arise.  Any understandably so.  We put together a list of frequently asked questions here to guide our prospective customers accordingly.  The questions and answers refer specifically to our New Jersey data center cloud hosting operations. […]

HIPAA and the HITECH Act are U.S. federal laws that apply to most physicians’ offices and healthcare facilities.  They set forth the requirements for the safeguarding of identifiable health information, also called Protected Health Information or PHI. HIPAA and the HITECH Act also require these entities to sign agreements (called business associate agreements BAAs) with […]

Being proactive and not reactive when it comes to protection of business networks and PHI has not been on the forefront in medical offices.  Healthcare professionals are bordering being paralyzed with the overwhelming amount of changes in their organizations that drive resource and financial obligations.  This is the key to why it is being put […]

If you use an IT services company to support your medical practice, the time has come and gone for them to understand and abide by the “Business Associate” (BA) requirement as laid out in the September 23, 2013 Omnibus Rule.  It requires IT solutions and services providers to sign Business Associate Agreements (BAA) with their […]

Cloud computing is taking off and practice managers are embracing cloud computing for its many benefits, including: Eliminating investment in servers and endless hardware refresh cycles Attaining a flat, predictable monthly payment for IT Eliminating regular IT maintenance tasks Gaining the ability to scale IT with the practice, without buying more servers Enjoying high availability […]

As a leading provider of IT services for ambulatory medical practices in NJ and NY, we’re well-versed in the meaningful use attestation process as it relates to the IT security regulations.  If you need assistance in your meaningful use attestation process, please feel free to give us a call.  Here are some useful links for […]

The recent press release, “New Jersey Top Docs Choose Exigent Technologies for IT Support & Services” drew attention to the fact that several of the physicians and practices named in the popular listing published by New Jersey Monthly magazine engage us for their IT support and outsourcing. According to the information on the NJ Monthly […]

As technology and practice management goes, few things are more important than the proper backup and safeguarding of your practice data. But traditionally, physician practices remain severely behind the curve when it comes to technology. Conversely, the data stored in the medical office is vitally important. Patient records, billing, correspondence, receivables, electronic medical records and […]

As I make the rounds, meeting different practice managers and physicians, I never cease to be amazed at how many EMR vendors are misleading prospects into thinking that their firms are truly capable of providing comprehensive support for all of the practice’s technology needs.  At best, their idea of comprehensive IT support is usually a remote […]