Written by: Daniel Haurey on 03/08/23

Summertime in New York City is the best time of year! Not only do you get to enjoy the amazing weather, but there are also a ton of great New York City summer music festivals happening all over the city.

Whether you’re a fan of rap, rock, country or classical music, there’s sure to be a festival for you . And while these events are a lot of fun, they also pose a risk to your data security.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the top 5 music festivals in NYC and discuss the cyber and data risks associated with each one. We’ll also provide some tips on how to protect your information and keep your data safe while enjoying the show!

Learning About the New York City Music Scene

New York City is a renowned musical melting pot, having produced vibrant styles such as hip hop and punk rock to classic genres like jazz and blues.

From salsa born from Cuban-Puerto Rican fusion in the 60s to Jewish klezmer emerging from its immigrant culture, NYC has allowed for diverse music scenes that have had an impact not only on America but around the world. It’s no wonder why this Big Apple of sound continues to be one of the most important places for modern music today.

New York City has long been a mecca for musicians, renowned for its vibrant and diverse music scene. However, due to market forces as well as the affordability of virtual communication tools offered by the Internet, this iconic metropolis is no longer seen in quite the same light when it comes to liberating up-and-coming artists on their road to stardom.

Despite these challenges facing local music aficionados today, NYC still stands tall atop America’s cultural significance – rightly so given its rich musical heritage.

The 5 Best New York City Music Festivals and Cyber Dangers to Be Aware of (and How to Avoid Them)

Whether you’re simply a fan of music or are looking for a particular music festival in New York City this weekend , here are all the top summer music festivals in New York City for the summer of 2023.

But also, we’ve included several cyber dangers you should be aware of before going to these festivals. Cyber criminals of all kinds prey upon the unwary at these types of events, but we’re also going to tell you how you can keep your data safe while enjoying the music at the same time!

1. Electric Zoo Music Festival

The Electric Zoo Festival brings a thrilling atmosphere full of top names in the electronic music world from all around the globe to New York City every year.

Started by Made Event in 2009, this remarkable electronic music festival in New York City brings together artists and music lovers alike for a spectacular experience that stretches across the spectrum of different sub-genres. And it doesn’t stop there – this New York City electronic music festival has since expanded into international editions in countries such as Mexico City, Tokyo, Shanghai, and São Paulo.

From start to finish, being at Electric Zoo is nothing short of an electrifying experience that you won’t easily forget – just remember to be careful when connecting your device to any unsecure WiFi access points and make sure to use endpoint protection or a VPN to keep your data safe.

Even better is having managed IT services in New York City handling all of the device protection for all of your employees (if you’re a business owner). This way, you can rest assured that your company data will remain secure.

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When: September 1-3, 2023 ( Labor Day Weekend )

Where: Randall’s Island Park , New York City

2. Governors Ball Music Festival

The Gov Ball music festival has become an integral part of the New Yorker experience. It is more than just a place to come and listen to great music; it’s an evolving, energetic celebration full of unique entertainment options and experiences that exceed any expectations you might have for a traditional music festival.

Since 2011, it has gone from strength to strength, offering up around 60 different musical acts from a variety of genres across its 4 stages, ensuring there is something for everyone no matter their tastes.

However, as with any event of this size and popularity, be aware of crowded areas in order to protect yourself from potential data thieves strolling around the site with pocket scanners that can digitally scan your financial information even through your pockets or bags.

From a business point of view, having dedicated cybersecurity services in NYC protecting your devices is one of the smartest moves you could make.

When: June 9-11, 2023

Where: Flushing Meadows Corona Park, New York City

3. Borderland Festival

The Borderland Music & Arts Festival celebrates all that the Buffalo, NY area has to offer.

Held in the picturesque Knox Farm State Park, just 16 miles south of Buffalo, this two-day arts and music festival is a chance for locals and visitors alike to take part in the rich culture of the region and enjoy its stunning 633-acre grounds. Knox Farm’s incredible landscape includes grasslands, hayfields, ponds and wetlands—a paradise for outdoor fans and nature enthusiasts.

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Meanwhile, those attending should be sure to keep their devices safe from potential theft or cyber-fraud. If you’re not sure if you or your employee devices might be at risk of being physically broken into, having reputable IT consulting in New York City can inform you as to the absolute best decision.

When: September 2023

Where: Knox Farm State Park, New York

4. Summerstage

Experience the unparalleled energy of SummerStage – New York’s biggest, free outdoor performing arts festival! Now in its 34th year with 6 million people having already enjoyed it since inception. Revel in a diverse array of talent from around the world featuring American pop, Latin music, dance and theater across 15-18 picturesque parks throughout all five boroughs.

SummerStage is returning to Central Park in 2023 with a fresh look – and the same commitment to showcasing an incredible range of talent! The iconic venue has been given some exciting upgrades, including a new stage, sound system and lighting. Plus, there’s raised seating for guests – so you can get even closer than ever before to all your favorite acts from around the world.

To protect your data here as well, be sure to avoid downloading music files from untrustworthy sources. If you decide to download files (or are worried some of your employees might) this is where having great IT support in New York City from a reputable MSP can come in handy.

When: June – October 2023

Where: Various Locations Across New York City

5. Portal Burn

Get ready to discover a whole new world! PortalBurn is an event like no other , where volunteers come together every year to construct and build up a temporary community that centers around

participation. Items are gifted without any cost; you won’t be able to buy or sell anything here.

Plus, there’s plenty of opportunity for creativity and expression through music, artistry shows, gatherings with food & drink – the works! It’s all based on the principles of generosity (gifting), inclusivity (no vendors)and self-reliance  – so head on over to this Burning Man sanctioned Upstate New York Regional Burn experience: it’ll certainly be something magical that you don’t want to miss out on!

And as with all crowded musical events, be extra careful not to divulge any of your passwords or personal information to anyone. It might seem like a pedestrian thing to mention, but the truth is that social engineering attacks don’t just happen via phishing scams.

Hackers can persuade you in person, under the guise of other purposes, into giving away information that at the time seems innocuous, but can in fact be used to steal your data!

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When: September 2023

Where: Hannibal, NY

Biggest Music Festivals in New York City

Get Help Keeping Your Data Safe at These New York Music Festivals with Exigent as Your MSP

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That’s where Exigent comes in; our team of experts are committed to ensuring that your devices remain secure with cybersecurity solutions. We have a wealth of experience providing IT support in New York City and beyond, so contact us today and find out how we can help safeguard your data both now and in the future.