I was just going through my e-mail.  Blogging was the furthest thing from my mind.  Like most people, our employees make use of signatures in their e-mails.  In those signatures, it has become customary to list the various certifications that they have achieved.  I always knew what certifications we had in our repertoire, but perhaps […]

Labor Day 2009: Its 8:50AM and with a steamy cup of coffee in hand, I look down at the table to see the OS X Snow Leopard upgrade package that has been quietly competing all weekend with barbeques and pool parties for my attention. With no hard plans on the agenda, my inner-geek gets the […]

As I make the rounds, meeting different practice managers and physicians, I never cease to be amazed at how many EMR vendors are misleading prospects into thinking that their firms are truly capable of providing comprehensive support for all of the practice’s technology needs.  At best, their idea of comprehensive IT support is usually a remote […]

$599 laptops!  “All-in-one” printer, scanner, copier, fax devices for $69!  FREE software!  Bargains abound in the scrappy and poorly understood world of computer hardware and software.  Fortunately, most of our clients seek our advice before venturing out to make a purchase.  After all, our business model is that of a VAR or “Value Added Reseller”.  […]

We hear it all the time. “Under promise, over-deliver”. But it deserves to be said again and again and lends itself to constant reinforcement, especially here at Exigent. Today, I needed two things from two of my vendors. One was time-sensitive and urgent; the latter was what I would consider a wish or special request. […]