Nobody likes a bad breakup. Ending any relationship is often the type of difficult conversation that everyone avoids. The same goes when it comes to business partnerships.  However, working with the wrong managed services provider (MSP) can drag your organization down (best-case scenario) or even close your business for good (worst-case scenario). A 2022 study […]

While it’s been almost 15 years since the concept of “bring your own device” (BYOD) was first discussed, its popularity has had its fits and starts.  But with the pandemic-driven shift to remote and hybrid models, BYOD has found its stride, enabled by changes in workplace models, enhanced capabilities to monitor and manage devices, and […]

Information security strategies help businesses stay protected from the unexpected.   A well-planned information security strategy plays a critical role in safeguarding a business—from establishing  the groundwork for how organizations will protect infrastructure, people, processes, and technologies to improving incident response, resilience to cyber attacks, and data security. Considering that the average data breach cost in […]

In a world where effective technology can create a business differentiator or, when mismanaged, can cost your organization customers, having access to outsourced IT services can be a huge advantage.   Imagine having a virtual IT department staffed with friendly and knowledgeable technicians working to ensure your business is operating seamlessly, delivering value to your customers […]

Migrating to the cloud is a huge step for any business. And more businesses than ever before are choosing to migrate their systems because the cloud can provide a plethora of benefits, such as increased efficiency, scalability and security. But to migrate effectively and without incurring unnecessary costs, companies should adhere to a thoughtful cadence […]

Many of us have been involved with a business where technology was a mishmash of apps, logins, vendors and devices – and that is just on the front end.  Creating a long-term IT strategy that aligns with business goals, delivers the solutions your team needs to be productive, and supports an exceptional customer experience is […]

We’ve all been there. Looked at a task or project and thought: I can do that myself and save some money. What often happens, however, is that an attempt to DIY turns a task into an expensive project that drags on for way longer than it should. IT support is similar. Many small businesses believe […]

If you are among the 66% of business leaders who are more concerned about cyber attacks this year than last, then the obvious next question is: what are you doing to protect your business?  Sure, there are incredibly effective cybersecurity solutions that your managed services provider (MSP) can deploy to combat all types of network […]

When technology issues start to bog down your employees and negatively impact your business, it may be time to partner with a managed IT services provider. This is an opportunity to outsource your IT support and allow your team to focus on business success. Before choosing an outsourced IT helpdesk provider, you should understand exactly […]

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is an important security measure that businesses use to protect everything from Microsoft Office apps to social media to corporate financial accounts.  However, the constant need to repeatedly perform MFA can sometimes lead to a phenomenon known as “MFA fatigue.” We’ve all had those days where every single stop on your digital […]

According to recent cybersecurity research, 69% of businesses are concerned about their cybersecurity and risk management solutions. In exploring the following cyber attack statistics, it’s easy to understand why.  While cyber insurance is custom-built for today’s digital business footprints, it can be overwhelming to try to understand, evaluate, and prepare to apply for cyber insurance […]

When cloud technologies first debuted, most companies were baffled by the value of the cloud. Then, it became a tool primarily for large enterprises, requiring a fairly heavy lift and shift for full adoption. But now, the cloud has become the backbone for business continuity, hybrid work and collaboration. Microsoft OneDrive for Business is the […]