In an age where we have prototypes of flying cars, phones with more computing power than the most powerful computers from the previous decade, and an ever-growing web of endless possibility which is the Internet, we find ourselves growing in all aspects pf technology. Technology is the Zeus of the modern world and business is […]

In the last 90 days or so, our company has added the following IT certifications.  This is in addition to what was an already long list of accreditations.  The new certifications include; CompTIA Network +, Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS): Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, Configuration, Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS): Windows 7, Apple Certified Support Professional (ACSP),Apple […]

We’re really excited about our new relationship with FatPipe Networks.  Their solutions are very unique and really interesting.  Among other things, they have technology that allows you to bond (aggregate) Internet connections such as cable lines, DS3, T1, DSL, OCN, ISDN, wireless, etc.  You can use any combination too.  For the very technical, think of […]

More and more small businesses are considering offsite backups – with good reason!  Our data backup best practices indicate that you should have both an onsite and offsite data backup.  Mozy Pro is an offsite only solution.  Several small business customers have asked me about the popular Mozy Pro service from EMC.  So here’s my […]

I recently came across this interesting whitepaper which makes the case for replacing old computers with modern ones.  I immediately thought the paper would be an interesting read for our small business IT services customers.  Far too often, people overlook the many benefits of replacing those old clunker PCs with modern machines.  The rationale used often is that a particular small […]

Perhaps you feel that the time has come.  You’ve been outsourcing your IT operations to a local IT company or Managed IT Services Provider.  But after looking at the annual cost for IT services, suddenly there are feelings of ambivalence.  And it’s at that very moment when many important facts are inadvertently ignored.  You just […]

Over the course of the last 13 years in this business, servicing hundreds of companies in the New Jersey and New York City area, I’ve obviously had countless face to face initial sales meetings with prospective clients.  Each of the organizations (mostly small businesses) is as unique as the human beings that I meet with.  […]

Yesterday, one of our engineers ran into some trouble deploying some BlackBerry’s for a customer.  Verizon happened to have been the carrier.  The client was running BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express (BESx).  After having difficulty provisioning the devices, the engineer decided to call Verizon.  One or more Verizon representatives claimed that BESx was “unsupported” and advised […]

Yes, it’s true!  With the recent release of BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) “Express”, there comes an excellent opportunity for organizations to deploy a robust BlackBerry solution in their organization with little or NO COST.  Yes, you read correctly, the BlackBerry Enterprise Server software and the client access licenses (CALs) are 100% FREE. BlackBerry Enterprise Server […]

Today I got to see our PREVENT Small Business Backup Service in action.  I was quite impressed!  A service ticket was opened by one of our clients looking for assistance with accessing a database from a certain point in time.  The client was concerned that one of their production SQL databases was not accurate so […]

The recent press release, “New Jersey Top Docs Choose Exigent Technologies for IT Support & Services” drew attention to the fact that several of the physicians and practices named in the popular listing published by New Jersey Monthly magazine engage us for their IT support and outsourcing. According to the information on the NJ Monthly […]

As technology and practice management goes, few things are more important than the proper backup and safeguarding of your practice data. But traditionally, physician practices remain severely behind the curve when it comes to technology. Conversely, the data stored in the medical office is vitally important. Patient records, billing, correspondence, receivables, electronic medical records and […]