It’s not exactly a common subject of cocktail party conversation.  Common or not, a conversation with your Trusted IT Advisor about Managed Services is far more important than such water cooler fodder as What’s Trending on Twitter. Quite often, however, the reward for a conversation extolling the benefits of Managed IT Services is a slightly […]

We are really excited to launch our newest cloud service for small business, “Cartella”. Essentially, Cartella™ is a virtual file server, in the cloud.  It takes team file sharing to a whole new level by offering many more benefits than a traditional file server. With Cartella, your company files are stored securely in the cloud, […]

Buying a new laptop?  Thinking about it?  Customers call us all the time looking for advice on a new portable computer.  In response, we created a list of questions.  With the questions, we try to collect as much information as possible so that we can help get the customer a machine that will not only […]

The best tools and utilities on the Internet are usually free and simple.  Want to save time writing Google Adwords campaigns?  I sure did!  So I downloaded the handy dandy PPC Creation Tool from Richard Kraneis.  The tool (a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet) will ensure that you comply with Google’s ad length requirements, saving you time […]

Interesting issue that was just resolved at a client. We use Cisco WAPs (Cisco WAP321 model) for some SMB customers and it seems that they have an interesting quirk that will cause some serious issues on a network if they are plugged into an STP-enabled SmartSwitch. By default, the WAP is also STP-enabled and it […]

As you might have imagined, our customers had tons of questions in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.  “How do I keep my business up during a power outage?”  “Can I plug my servers or computers into a portable generator?”  “How can we avoid downtime during the next power outage?” In response, we created this whitepaper:  […]

So you have a client that has a VoIP system? They have remote users that need to be able to access the phone system from Internet / VPN? How do you configure an ASA to work with this type of a scenario? Or, even better, why isn’t your ASA configuration working to allow this? If […]

Hairpinning is the term used when someone wants to redirect traffic from an internal network destined for the public IP of an internal resource back to the internal IP of the internal resource. It’s essentially a “U-Turn” for packets destined to travel externally when the ultimate destination is a NATed inside resource on your own […]

Crazy cursor on Windows Surface?  If you experience a problem where the mouse cursor starts acting erratically on your Windows Surface RT, it just might be a defective keyboard. From the moment I started playing around with my Surface, I started having issues where the cursor starting moving on its own around the screen, blinking […]

As a leading provider of IT services for ambulatory medical practices in NJ and NY, we’re well-versed in the meaningful use attestation process as it relates to the IT security regulations.  If you need assistance in your meaningful use attestation process, please feel free to give us a call.  Here are some useful links for […]

We just completed the requirements for VMware Enterprise level certification with a specific competency in infrastructure virtualization!  This is great news for us and our NJ and NY customers and prospective customers.  We’ll be following up with a press release shortly.

A very common misconception is that services in the cloud are free or at least cheaper than maintaining existing servers or in-house IT infrastructure for your small business.  Sure, you may be able to save yourself some money, but that is certainly not always the case.  There are non-monetary factors too. Just like everything else, […]